Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1! all I can say is, FANTASTIC :) went for a 10k bike ride with my super hubby. Found a new home for my unused heart rate watch on the forums and spent a rewarding hour reading posts from the 12WBT website.

One of my goals is to meet new people through the 12wbt :) I'm starting to connect with other team members online. people are being open and honest about their goals and challenges, I can so see my self in them:)

I'm also really proud of my "Confess your sins and get back on track support post" there are some amazing stories all similar. They make me laugh, shake my head and sometimes cringe to read them.

I'm hoping it will become a team support hub :) I sooo don't want anyone to drop out due to isolation or the lack of a kind encouraging word :) Hello! Midwife here LOL

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