Wednesday, March 3, 2010

stress buster,

Well its Thursday morning and Ive been doing 12WBT for 4 days now. Doesn't sound much but diets, exercise and I have never had long relationships in the past.
So far Ive eaten right and done a 40/50 minute cardio session on the bike every night. Ive also started Pilate's and bought some free weights.
Big difference so far is that although I work four jobs (started a new one Monday) I seem to have no stress! it is amazing to me that adding something to my super busy schedule has actually improved my work life balance.
so the motivation to continue in no particular order is ,
  1. the need to exercise for stress busting (this one surprised me!)
  2. winning or giving it a bloody good go!
  3. avoiding lifestyle diseases
  4. being able to have a holiday and not just watching other people have fun!
  5. looking at where I was last year (see copy of forum post below)

This time last year I had weeks and weeks of spending my days flat on my back in awful pain due to a bulged disk. It happened I think because I had a hysterectomy the year before and my Oncologist had to cut through my core muscles to remove my uterus as it weighed almost 700gms! (no ca thank god!)My disk was so bulged that I was unable to sit without pain for months. I also had a limp until recently from the nerve damage :( I comfort ate and stacked on a ton of weight and lost trust in my body not to let me down. I think I let myself be old before my time. I remember looking at the MRI images seeing the huge disk bulge, my poor muscle development and the mountains of fat around my body. I decided not to have surgery and slowly got back on track with physio and gentle exercise.

I am proud of myself for accepting this exercise challenge.

I can now see a future of being able to enjoy my life in a healthy fit body:)

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