Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi all, in a few days I start the 12 week body transformation!
It looks like it will be a huge challenge and life style change!
SO, why do I want to blog about this?
  • to keep me motivated
  • be open about my excuses
  • have a record of my success
  • publicly commit to doing this

why the 12 WBT

  • Its Australian
  • Mish and her team are inspirational
  • price is great
  • perfect timing

Who am I

My name is Julie, I am a wife, mother and a midwife so I have lots to enjoy about life.

I have a healthy body that I've been taking for granted.

I've just become a grandmother at 43 (home birthed my grandchild as their midwife:)

all my rellies seem to be getting type 2 diabetes!

I'm going on a Holiday to America this year and I don't want to overflow the seat on the plane!

I want to buy clothes that I like not just the ones that fit me!

  • I eat small amounts of highly calorific foods
  • I don't exercise
  • I'm super busy working 4 jobs!



  1. Hi Julie!

    Welcome to the world of blogging :o)


    Michelle (aka Shell14)

  2. Excellent Julie, I have been blogging my joyful journey down from size 22/24 since I started it and it is a huge help i can tell you. I also will be blogging my 12WBT :-) as the start to completing my journey this year and I wish you absolutely every success :-).

  3. Hi Julie!

    Congrats on taking on this challenge!! Can't wait for 12WBT to start!!

    I have also decided to blog my journey.